Robert Steele

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Mr. Steele is the Chief Executive Officer and sole director of Thumzup™ Media Corporation. From October 2019 until present Mr. Steele has operated a consulting business that has provided investor relations, financial, sales and marketing consulting services to various clients. Mr. Steele was the Director of Client Positioning at IRTH Communications, LLC from January 2017 to September 2019. From May 2016 through December 2016 Mr. Steele was an independent consultant rendering sales, marketing and investor relations services. From January 2010 to May 2016 Mr. Steele was the President of Rightscorp, Inc. While at Rightscorp, Mr. Steele designed and deployed patented intellectual property software as a service (SaaS) tools that were used by major brands like Warner Bros. to protect their intellectual property. As President of Rightscorp, Mr. Steele led the design of the software used by clients like Sony/ATV and BMG. BMG successfully used Mr. Steele’s technology to win a landmark $25 million judgment against Cox Communications for copyright infringement. Mr. Steele holds a BS in Electronic and Computer Engineering from George Mason University.