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Thumzup democratizes social media marketing and advertising. The company connects brands and businesses with their customers on best of breed social media channels with a new platform, the Thumzup App, which makes it possible to incentivize customers to talk about the brands and products they love. Gig economy companies have created tremendous value by democratizing ride-sharing, food delivery, hospitality and finance. Thumzup brings democratization to the advertising industry and social media marketing. Authentic consumer advocates are the real influencers in today's market. The Thumzup mobile app and advertiser dashboard help aggregate the most effective base of authentic consumer advocates and incentivize them to tell their friends about brands, products, and locations on social media. Our proprietary platform and tools make this possible and scalable.

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Information Technology

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Software Publishers (511210)

Computer Processing and Data Preparation and Processing Services (7374)

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Thumzup Media Corporation
711 S. Carson Street
Suite 4
Carson City, NV 89701
T: 310-237-2887